About DASH video : Why can't I hear any sound from it?
Well, of course, DASH video is, as stated by it's name, contain only video stream, there's no audio track in it! You should also download DASH audio format and play it together with DASH video.
How can you played it together/at the same time? My blog has the answer: Play DASH video and DASH audio at the same time using VLC

How can I convert the video into specific video/audio format?
After you click "check" on your video URL, you have to click the "Advanced Conversion Options >>", vRank will show you the supported target formats.
We currently support conversion into: (for audio) mp3, ogg, wav, opus AND (for video) mp4, webm, avi, 3gp, mkv.

Why does vRank so slow connecting/grabbing video from certain sites?
It's because vRank doesn't have all good connections to all supported sites. Some of the "slow" host: dailymotion, vbox7, and few others.

Is this service free?
Yes, vRank is absolutly free.

How long does it take to convert a video?
That depends on video size, a normal video of about 6 minutes lengths takes about 2 minutes to convert. This table below show the rough estimate time to convert a 6 minutes video into another format:

Convert intoTime needed
MP3 high1 minute
3GP (old phone)3 minutes
3GP (240p)instant
AVI4 minutes
MKV4 minutes

Notes: conversion time is measured after grabbing progress is done. Grabbing progress could need very long time to finish depending on the current server's network speed.

How long is the video that can I download from vRank?
Currently we allow you to download video that has length up to 02 hours 30 minutes 00 seconds.

How long do vRank store my video?
Only 2 hours! So make sure you finish downloading the video within 2 hours or your file will be deleted from vRank server.

What's 'Service Temporary Unavailable' error message?
Sometimes, you'll get that message on your browser when trying to access or download from ytconv.com. To maintain server stability, I had to limit number of connections you made to ytconv.com server. It is indirect message sent by server telling you to finish your download before trying to get another Youtube videos. Sorry for this hassle, it's for our own good.

I was throwed back to fontpage after 'checking'/'grabbing' process without any error message
This happened when the server is in very high load, just keep trying until it got through conversion process.

Does this site support another video site than Youtube?
Yes it does. Check the "Supported Sites" menu for the complete list.